Andrew Joyce
Author of the best-selling novel,
The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer
Huck Finn's Greatest Adventure,
Yellow Hair
Three men come together in the town of Redemption, Colorado, each for his own
purpose. Huck Finn is a famous lawman who does not hesitate to use his gun to
protect the weak.

He has come to right a terrible wrong.

After his wife’s death, Tom Sawyer does
not want to live anymore; he has come
to die.

The third man, the Laramie Kid,
a killer Huck and Tom befriended years
earlier, has come to kill a man.

For these three men, Death is a constant
companion. For these three men, it is their
last chance for redemption.
An excerpt from MOLLY LEE:

I took John's six-shooter out of its holster and shot the son-of-a-bitch in
his right knee,blowing the kneecap all to hell and back.

That wiped that snake smile from his face.

He fell out of the chair, shrieking in agony.
It was music to my ears. As he lay on the floor
holding his bloody knee and making all sorts
of noise, I collected the cash from the desk
and slowly, very slowly, counted it. Yep, it was
$10,000.00 alright. By the time I finished
counting, he had quieted down just enough
to hear what I had to say.

With the cash in one hand and the six-shooter
in the other, I left Larimer with these words:
"My name is Molly Lee and I want you to
remember it for the rest of your miserable
life as you hobble about on your crutches.
That's M-O-L-L-Y L-E-E! And Molly Lee can take care of herself!

Molly is about to set off on the adventure of a lifetime . . . of two lifetimes.

It’s 1861 and the Civil War has just started. Molly is an eighteen year old
girl living on her family’s farm in Virginia when two deserters from the
Southern Cause enter her life. One of them—a twenty-four year-old Huck
Finn—ends up saving her virtue, if not her life.

Molly is so enamored with Huck,she wants to run away with him. But Huck
has other plans and is gone the next morning before she awakens. Thus
starts a sequence of events that leads Molly into adventure after adventure;
most of them not so nice.

We follow the travails of Molly Lee, starting when she is eighteen
and ending when she is fifty-three. Even then Life has one more
surprise in store for her.
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When disaster strikes, they volunteer to save the day by making an
arduous six hundred mile journey by dog sled in the depths of a
Yukon winter. They race against time, nature, and man. With the
temperature hovering around seventy degrees below zero, they
must fight every day if they are to live to see the next.

On the frozen trail, they are put upon by murderers, hungry wolves,
and hostile Indians, but those adversaries have nothing over the
weather. At seventy below, your spit freezes a foot from your face.
Your cheeks burn—your skin turns purple and black as it dies from
the cold. You are in constant danger of losing fingers and toes to

It is into this world that Huck and Molly race.

They cannot stop. They cannot turn back. They can only go on.
Lives hang in the balance—including theirs.
It is 1896 in the Yukon Territory, Canada. The largest gold strike in the annals of human history has just
been made; however, word of the discovery will not reach the outside world for another year.

By happenstance, a fifty-nine-year-old Huck Finn and his lady friend, Molly Lee, are on hand, but they are
not interested in gold. They have come to that neck of the woods seeking adventure.
Someone should have warned them, “Be careful what you wish for.”
 Redemption is the recipient of the 2013 Editors’ Choice Award for Best Western.